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Gaai Drums Users! 

Gaai Drums loves to hear user's comments!   Please share your comments and the photo of your Gaai snare/kit!! 

Chimpanzee Studio

Recording Studio

Kagoshima, JAPAN


Recording Studio owned by the drummer Shigeki Ohkubo. They have worked on artists in Japan, Korea, USA and many more!

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Ruben RIOS 


Bay Area, CA 

For the last few months I've been rotating my snare collection throughout all of my gigs to truly get to know my collection and wide variety of shells and sizes. I play at least one or two gigs a week and I've noticed it always feels better when I play my Gaai Amber Tiger snare. The sensitivity, the tone, the way the edges are cut, the way two vent holes are placed on the shell, it's all...perfect. I've gotten A perfect sound every time sticking with the way Gaai snare kept in the same tuning Gaai handed the drum to me this year at the NAMM convention. Truly a musical Instrument that allows me to express my feelings and ideas to a welcoming crowd looking for a sound to help them move to the music.

David E. Libman,

Esq., LL.M

Drummer, Attorney

 Santa Ana, CA 

David E. Libman, Esq., LL.M. has been playing drums since the age of six and has a Bachelor of Music degree from The Juilliard School. He has performed in New York City at Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center, toured internationally, performed as the house drummer on Suzanne Somers' daytime nationally syndicated television show and played many Jazz gigs in Southern California since moving there in 1992. These days, David's full-time endeavor is that of a sole practitioner attorney who practices in the areas of business, real estate and estate planning. However, he still finds time to write drum reviews for DRUM! Magazine and perform with a jazz trio."


President, A&G Central Music

Madison Heights, MI

We have been in the studio working on a song for the summer Olympics in Rio.  I took Gaai Drums kit into the studio with us and was once again amazed with how perfect they sound on the recording.  Such fantastic tone! When I purchased them at last year, I loved the way they sounded.  Now a year later, I love them even more.  Each time I take them into the studio, they impress even the most jaded engineer.  I can't thank you enough for creating these amazing instruments!



Kagoshima, JAPAN

"When the snare was delivered, I tried it just as it was. There was no need to adjust anything and the sound just fascinated me even better than I expected.  When played with my band, the snare sound clearly revealed without buried. The members loved it as the sound is so easy to monitor. 

I brought my Rainbow Snare to a “get together” event for the Drummers of Kagoshima. This snare caught so much attention and people are so interested in learning about it."




Kyoto, JAPAN

I just used Gaai Drums' snare drum for the live performance of the band I belong, Re:Vox.  Sparkle & Glitter on Captain America snare is gorgeous, looked great on stage and sounded amazing!

I will continue playing Gaai Drums.                    

Shohnosuke SHINODA




Rehearsal, Recording&Mastering Studio

Osaka, JAPAN

"Ever since we placed Gaai’s snare in our studio, our customers have kept asking us “Where can I purchase the snare? I loved it!”, “How much is the snare?” and “I’d like to know about the snare”. In 2009, we discovered Gaai Drums and loved their dry, resonant sound, so we purchased two snares for our studio. When we recorded our sampler CD, we tested many snares, including Gaai’s. Gaai’s snares stood out from the others; microphones loved them. Usually, it takes us time to get the sounds we want, but Gaai’s snares don’t require that time or effort.  From these experiences, we had very good impressions of Gaai Drums, and decided to order a colorful 5 1/2 covering drum as additional studio equipment." 


Dominique TORRES

Drummer, Educator

Desert Hot Springs, CA 

Dominique TORRES

Drummer, Educator

Desert Hot Springs, CA 

When I first saw the drum I was amazed by the attention to detail and the amount of work that was put into a product that was made in record time. The aesthetic alone would be enough for anyone to want it but, it's the sound that really puts it so far above and beyond any other instrument. Ultimately, I think it's the idea of owning something so completely original and unique that makes me so proud and honored to own this drum. Knowing that no one else will ever have anything similar to what I do and being able to see how it came to be is an amazing feeling that no other company would be able to give.

Dominique & Stable Star Kit-1
Stable Star Kit-1
Dominique & Stable Star Kit-DSC04903
Stable Star Kit-2
Dominique & Stable Star Kit-3



Kagoshima, JAPAN 


Comments on the drums:

"Many manufacturers make ply maple drums, but in terms of craftsmanship, aesthetic beauty and sound quality, I believe Gaai’s ply maple drums are second to none. What drew me to Gaai’s drums originally were the gorgeous, unique wrap finishes that he takes time to design and apply to each drum. What I found, however, after playing the drums is that the same attention to detail that Gaai adheres to in creating the finishes is also applied to the bearing edges, affixing the hardware and doing all those little extras that make the difference between a good and a great drum. In sum, Gaai’s drums are books that actually can be judged by their covers. Gaai’s drums are truly great because you can play them at any volume, multiple tunings and in any context, and they will always sound and look fantastic. They enhance my musical experience, and I feel privileged to play them.”


Born in Kagoshima, Japan.  Influenced by her parents, she was been surrounded by music since her very young age.   Studied percussion and brass band during high school.  Started drums training at 18 years old. 


Studied under Hitoshi Maeda, Takako Nakama, Shigeki Ohkubo.


Currently plays drums for AME NO PARADE.



When just started playing drums, I was not interested in owning my own instrument.  However it changed when playing Gaai Drums snare at my teacher Shigeki Ohkubo’s studio.     It is the very sound I really like.   Not to mention the amazing looks and the sound is never buried yet it does not hurt your ears.   The snare is so awesome with care and love of Gaai Nakamura.


I am just a fan of Gaai Drums !



Kagoshima, JAPAN 

Love at First Sight! for its looks and sound!
I’m so excited to illuminate this snare as my own color.

This snare gave me another joy for drumming.

Thank you!



Tokyo, JAPAN

Resonant drums give us volume control, which is harder to achieve with other drums. Gaai crafted my drum kit when he was at his previous workplace, and the kit produces surprisingly resonant sounds. I have never worried about the sound volume, quality, and blare no matter where I bring them. Soon after I heard of his separation and the establishment of Gaai Drums, I ordered a standard 14x5.5 covering snare. However, this snare’s dynamic range was rather unusual. The snare can generate sensitive sounds, like water flowing over the surface of rocks; orthodox Jazz sounds; Rock sounds, and Pop sounds from the 50s to the present.  Not to mention exploding, percussive sound as if I poured nitro into a big fuel tank and set it on fire. What I love the most is the drum’s high potential; it doesn’t require much power to make sharp, explosive sounds. In every era, there is the drum that drummers are eager for and sets the world standard. Gaai Drums can be the one to set the world standard for the 21st century without a doubt.

I have been playing the drums since I was in pre-school. The first drum kit I bought was Gaai Drums Kit.  The reason why I bought the drum from Gaai Drums among all the drum makers is because Naoki, the drummer of the funk band, K-106, which I love since I was little, uses Gaai Drums’ snare drum. I remember that his snare drum looked so unique and cool and it got the sound I really liked.

I got a chance to session with K-106 and that’s when I played Gaai Drums’ snare drum for the first time. At that time I thought it sounded fat and warm yet clear and powerful. I remember the distinctive sound made me feel good and it was easy to handle although I was little at that time.

I really wanted to own this snare drum and ended up saving money to buy my first snare drum (13x7 Spiral Wrap Finish). I adore this share drum. Then I wanted to get a drum kit and bought one (Vintage Paint Finish) by helping my dad’s work.  I love the sound of this drum kit as well.  I would love to become a better drummer by practicing hard with my Gaai Drums’ kit.



Los Angeles, USA

I compared it to the vintage Rogers snare I have been using for year and the Gaai snare is far superior. When I start a buzz roll near the rim and move toward the center of the head the sound is crisp and articulate. It being seven inches deep also make a nice solid crack when I hit a rim shot. This Gaai snare drum is very loud and cuts right through the music. I am very impressed by the structure and design of this wonderful snare.

Other drummers will be very jealous of what I have unless they buy one for themselves.







Los Angeles, USA

In this mass production era of consumption, I had a hard time finding drums that not only sound good but also have stylish looks. Recently, some companies have produced drums with “outside the box” designs, but, most of those drums couldn’t satisfy me with their quality of sound. Gaai Drums is exceptional and precious! I appreciate Gaai’s work very much. He handcrafts drums with special care from the original design to the cuts of the shell. Gaai’s drums’ classical looks remind me of the 60’s and 70’s, but at the same time they have modern tastes. Needless to say, the sound is remarkable. Once you see and strike Gaai’s drums, you will experience the difference. This was my first encounter with drums that made me happy and continues to motivate me as a drummer.

I was amazed when I discovered Gaai Drums. Through my friend, I ordered a snare drum based only on its appearance. Although I wasn’t concerned about sound very much, the sound immediately impressed me when I unthinkingly struck the snare. It was before I tuned it, but the sound was already stunning.  Gaai Drums is famous for good design and wrapping technique, but what attracts me the most is the quality of sound. The dynamics change smoothly, adapting to anything from a sensitive touch to powerful strikes. The snare sounded freely, but was easy to control, and I thought it sounded perfect just as it was. I collect snare drums, usually on sale, but I rarely come across snares like those of Gaai Drums, which have a refined sound from the start, are obedient, and will never be harsh. Among my collection, Gaai’s snare is similar to a vintage 40’s Slingerland’s wood snare. Gaai’s drum has great sound, tone, and response! In a Drum! Magazine article featuring Gaai Drums, it was noted that tuning the drum could be a little difficult. As I used the snare and tried various attempts at tuning it, I discovered that the snare doesn’t have a wide tuning range. However, the snare sounds awesome when I tune the snare to the point where the snare wants it to be. I’ve been recently using Gaai’s snare as my primary snare, and using a Ludwig LM400 (1964) as my second snare. I am currently thinking of ordering a 14" x 5" Gaai Drums snare.

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