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Ryo Tanaka started to play drums when he was five years old and started his professional career when he was fifteen. His style is based on Rock/Pop but he experienced many styles of music in his early years. In 2003, he was selected for a starting house band member of Rock music bar 08:30, eight thirty, in Tokyo. At the same time, he joined the major pop band Spica. They released five CDs and toured all over Japan many times. In 2010, He quit the band and enrolled Berklee College of Music to develop his musical skill. He took lessons from Mike Mangini, Dave Dicenso, Rod Mogenstein, Terry lynn Carrington etc for drums, and Joe Carrier, Bill Elliott, Tsunenori "Lee" Abe etc for composing and arranging. He graduated as a Summa Cum Laude of a Bachelor of Music in the year of 2013, majoring in Professional Music and minoring in Liberal Arts Global Studies. Also he was selected for Professional Music Achievement Award. Now he works on music in New York.

Ryo says about Gaai Drums... 


I met Gaai about twenty years ago. I'm glad to have the opportunity to work with him again as the craftsman and the player. All of his drums have rich resonance and I love it. I guarantee it comes from his thoughtful personality. I also love their cool-looking. Don't you think it's so attractive? I ordered different colors for each drum and people cannot ignore that gorgeousness. I would love to play his drums during all of my career.


Ryo Tanaka- Drummer

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