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- Big G Series V Neck Drumkit-


"Pristinely cut maple-shell drums with one- of -a-kind finishes are a hallmark of Gaai's Big G drums. Sonically, the V Neck kit put out a super-clean, warm, pure sound with a pleasing combination of high-end snap and low-end punch." 


"The drums sounded larger than they are and excelled in more modern playing styles like electronica, funk, fusion and contemporary R&B.  Top 40 club drummers could also take advance of the kit's huge sound and smaller size for more compact setups…."


California Golden Yellow Vintage Finish: 8ply ~small g~

Turquoise Zebra Vintage Finish: 8ply+ Zebra Veneer ~BIG G~ 

PRODUCT CLOSE-UP Section  Page 24  

drums&percussion (Germany):   July/August 2014 Issue  

TESTBERICHT section  Page 48

Modern Drummer (USA):   August 2013 Issue  

PRODUCT CLOSE-UP Section  Page 25 



"Great sounds and a one -of-a- kind veneer finish from a seasoned veteran in the custom-drum industry."  

"These drums sound exactly like you want them to- warm, with a strong, medium-long decay, which is impressive for a smaller kit with wood hoops. "


"...the crown jewel was the bass drum. I could do whatever I wanted with it and it supported my efforts."

"The snare provided a clean, crisp, natural sound and could be tuned just about any way, and it was more receptive to different drumhead types than most snares I've played."


"This kit really is a standout." 


DRUM! Magazine (USA):   May 2013 Issue  

DRUM! Magazine (USA):   April 2013 Issue  


"Gaai Durms unveiled Narural Beauty line."


" The Collection features smooth, sleek designs , and muted colors, like Chrcoal Walnut and Moss Cloud."  


Gaai says

"We craft drums for sound, but we also strive to create a look that is truly one of a kind."



"Made in California by a Japanese Craftsman " 


"Gaai Drums has impressed at recent NAMM shows with Gaai's stunning looking  sparkle/spiral  wrapped kits."


"Demonstrate Tremendous delication to quality and craftsmanship."

Daily News (USA):  9/17/2011

DRUM! Magazine (USA):   May 2010 Issue  

THE 2010 New Gear Guide p49-79


 "The few samples we saw were absolutely flawless!" 


 "He offers two series: the traditional and classy g line and the splashier G line(yes, the company uses upper-and lower-case letters to define the two series). "


"It was hard to tear our eyes away from the orange/yellow- wood-hoop kit that lit up the booth."

Gaai Drums in Media!

Modern Drummer (USA):   August 2014 Issue  

PRODUCT CLOSE-UP Section  Page 32-33

Modern Drummer (USA):   November 2015 Issue  

- Five Stars-   What Gaai Drums is All About !      

  (6.5x14, 10 Lug, 8 ply Maple Shell, zebrawood/walnut/mahogany/maple hand cut veneer finish)  


"Despite its one-of -a-kind appearance, the Five Stars had a great jack-of-all-trades sound" 

"T don't think you could get a sample to sound better than what this drum put out naturally." 


- Golden Beam-   Shiny Mammoth that is sensitive and responsive!  

  (8x14, 10 Lug, 8ply Maple Shell, mirror gold/ginger glass wrap spiral finish)  


"...offers some serious bling, sporting a bright and shiny spiral finish cut with surgical precision and careful attention to detail." 

" Again, this drums was most impressive in the low range..... that would make famed Def Leppard producer Mutt Lange proud." 



- Poppin' Chiiko Blue-  Designed to produce specialty tones !      

  (9x10, 6 Lug, 8 ply blue/turquoise/ white glass wrap finish)  


"...produce specialty tones that range from the sped-up/tuned-up coffee-can-like ping of drum 'n'bass snare to the tight splat ...on" 

  his-hop records....." 

Check out Video Demos!!! (click the magazine cover)

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