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Marcus Davidsson is an independent metal drummer, drum set teacher, drum maker and graduate of Berklee college of Music. Marcus is also a 2010 US National Champion in the sport of Floorball. After living in Boston and Los Angeles, he currently resides in his native country, Sweden.

Marcus says on Gaai Drums...


“Gaai Drums is the perfect representation of what drummers could ever wish to have in a drum: supreme craftsmanship, extensive customization options, creativity in the use of materials, and above all, a killer sound!”

“These drums are overachievers!!!”


Q: What kind of group do you perform with?

Marcus: I am an independent musician playing what can be termed, “metal”.


Q: What do you like about Gaai Drums?

Marcus: What I like about the drums is the high level of craftsmanship and the meticulous manner by which everything is executed with. The level of precision is staggering in Gaai’s drums, considering that everything from measurements/drilling/sanding/cutting/finish application etc. is all hand made.

I also like the level of customization that Gaai offers with regard to sizes, shell thicknesses and finish options. Any size depth of the drum is possible, as opposed to most companies who only offer standardized sizes. Gaai is also the undisputed champion of applying complex wrap finishes in customized and unique patterns. He hand cuts individual pieces of wrap to fit them together like a mosaic around the shell. This takes a massive amount of time, effort, and knowledge. Nobody takes wrap finishing to a higher level than Gaai does.


Q:How do you compare to other drums sets that you have played?

Marcus: I have played everything from starter kits to what is generally considered to be the best, and Gaai drums certainly hold their own at the top. Unlike the big drum manufacturers, Gaai Drums offers their customer the opportunity to have a one-on-one relationship with the builder. This is a luxury the big companies simply can’t provide. In the end, this leads to a finished product which reflects the customer’s vision of their dream drum set.


Q: Please tell us about your kit. 

Marcus: I have a 7-piece set with a glass sparkle “spiral wrap” finish from the Gaai Drums G line series that is entirely customized including unusual drum depths and different color patterns for every drum. This kit was featured at Gaai’s drum both at 2011 NAMM show.




Q: What do other drummers think of your drums?Marcus: I recently moved and I haven’t had the time to shown these to anybody yet, but judging by the reactions from visiting drummers at 2011 NAMM show, they were more than pleased. I was left with a lot fingerprints to clean-up!



Q: How difficult is it to get one of the drums fixed if there is a problem?

Marcus: Luckily there isn’t too much that can go wrong with any quality drum set, apart from maybe having to replace something like a lug. However, if something more major happened, like a damaged bearing edge, (the top wooden edge that the drumhead sits on) Gaai would be more than capable to fix the problem. I know because I’ve seen this drum Guru at work!


Marcus Davidsson- Drummer

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