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Makio Torigoe - Drummer

In 2009 Makio Started his music career as the drummer of herber (ex. The90s) that made it to YAMAHA Music Revolution JAPAN FINAL, COMIN’ KOBE and other notable band contests in Japan.  After herber ‘s break-up, he has actively performed as the drummer of Gue and THE Tengoku Car (till 2016).  Currently, he supports various bands and singers’ live performances and recordings while continuing to be a core member of Gue.

More About Makio


Makio says about Gaai Drums... 


It was 5 years ago when I saw Gaai’s drum and asked him to make a 6 ½” snare drum for me.  The sound so fully well-rounded and fat that I have been using it for almost all the bands and artists’ gigs as my main snare.  This time I ordered a drum set with 22 inch bass drum that matches my oil finished snare. 


I feel most of current drum maker’s drums sound like with compressor and do not give enough acoustic feelings when playing as is. On the other hand, vintage drums don't give me enough confidence in volume and hard hitting when playing in a band that plays pretty loud. 


Gaai's drum gives warm and well-rounded resonation with enough volume!  Kick drum’s tight low sound is impressive. Snare and toms are bright and harmonious.  Each drum has such a beautiful balance of attack and resonation so the audiences can actually hear the big maple sounds even in a loud band.

The snare drum I got 5 years ago has become greater for both high and low.  It has grown with a player like an good vintage instrument. It’s exciting to see how this drum kit will grow in 5 and 10 years.


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