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2003 Indie Debut as CAMEL WIZARD

Released three albums from Indie Label.              

Japan Tour: from Kagoshima to Sendai


2008 Joined FAT PROP.    


Studied under Shigeki OKUBO since 2010.  

Released two mini albums and two full albums

Japan Tour: All over Japan


2013 Actively perform in FAT PROP as his main focus and in a session band, ADAM at, as a main support artist




Ema says about Gaai Snare...


"I had been resistant to 13” inch snare. I always had negative images on 13” inch snare such as no resonance, small range, just not useful so I never really used it before.  I play with several bands and the range of music style is pretty wide including Rock, Pops or Jazz and the proper sound crafting for each song varies depending on the music.  At live performance, however, it’s not possible to change share for each song, so I seek all-round and standard sound for the snare.  The sound that can handle any kinds of music.


After some live performances and recording sessions, I have concluded that this is the true snare that performs really well. I would call it “Honor Student”.  This snare sound is not buried in megavolume of the band sound and pops up.  It should be obvious and reasonable condition but you can’t really find the one like this. I am borrowing this from Gaai but this has be become something I can’t let go : )  "


Ema Hashiguchi- Drummer

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