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Dany says on Gaai Drums...


First thing I noticed about Gaai’s drum is he makes absolutely by far the best 18” bass drum I’ve ever heard.  It’s incredible. It’s so loud, so full and so beautiful. Over the course of my career, I player all manners drums all over the country. When you talk about quality, this is just the best quality you can find anywhere.  Gaai is a master drum-maker, obviously. He just makes unique quality drums.


Danny Yamamoto-Drummer, Percussionist, Taiko Player

Danny Yamamoto is drummer, percussionist, Taiko player and one of the founding members of the Asian American Jazz group Hiroshima.  Hiroshima has recorded sixteen albums and continues to tour throughout the world. 


Along with many others, Danny has also had the pleasure of working with East/West Players, Nobuko Miyamoto, Kinnara Taiko, and The Grateful Crane Ensemble.

A graduate of Los Angeles' Dorsey High School, Danny has had a lifelong love affair with music.


Beginning with the accordion (yes, the accordion) Danny, reflective of his eclectic tastes in art and music, plays virtually all the instruments in a band, but as a tool for self-expression, found the drums to be the key. In fact, he played in the high school battle of the bands (and came in second?) with a jazz trio featuring himself, bassist (now musician-producer) Larry Klein and pianist ( now Downbeat award-winning jazz keyboardist) Billy Childs.


After such a luminous start, he settled in as a music major at UCLA, but gradually became more and more involved with Hiroshima, becoming a principal member, and leaving school to engage in the world of music fulltime. While playing and recording with a number of other bands, Danny's interests expanded toward traditional Japanese music. 


In addition to his work as a drummer, he now plays taiko with Johnny in his workshops, and in concert with Hiroshima. He also plays synthesizers with 'June Kuramoto and Friends,' studies drums with reknown drum teacher Freddy Gruber, and is expanding his collection of ethnic instruments.

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