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In the Clinic DVD, “Zettai Tatakeru! Drum Fill-in for Beginners” (released on 09/03/2011 from Atoss International), she is playing Gaai's Chiiko Blue Spiral "G" Kit. 


Chiiko has been drumming since she was a junior high school student. She received 1st prize in the High School Students Jazz Contest at the age of 17. At the age of 20, she achieved 2nd place in the Litto Drum Magazine Contest. She has become a genuine rhythmic drummer and received numerous prizes while working with various bands including a Japanese instrumental hard rock band, Driving Rock  (a.k.a. D-Drive). Her drumming is too powerful and energetic to believe that her small body generates it. Since 2011, she has been using Gaai Drums’ big G kit.


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Chiiko Says on Gaai Kit


“The drums produce clear, dry bursts of sound.” That was my first impression! Everything was just right! They have clear bass sound, straight heavy sound,quick response, and are fully resonant!! This is exactly what I was looking for!! Gaai’s drums shine on the stage! If you want to shine on the stage, too, this is the one for you!!"



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(Drummer : D-Drive)

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