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 2015 Big G Kit

 2014 Big G Kit

2014 CheechKit_1.jpg
2014 CheechKit_10.jpg
2014 CheechKit_2.jpg
2014 CheechKit_4.jpg
2014 CheechKit_5.jpg
2014 CheechKit_6.jpg
2014 CheechKit_8.jpg
Y Neck Veneer Wood Hoop Kit:
BD 18x15", FT 14x13", TT 10x7", SD 13x6"

Our very popular V-Neck Wood Hoop Kit (2014)'s little brother.  Compact yet versatile kit!

Cheech Black/Silver Spiral "Spider" Kit:
BD 22x10", FT 14x10.5", TT 12x7.5", TT 10x7.5, SD 13x5
BD 22x15", FT 16x15", TT 12x8.5", TT 10x7.5, SD 14x5.5
Studio You Spiral Kit:
2014 StudioYouKit_2.jpg
2014 StudioYouKit_40.jpg
2014 StudioYouKit_5.jpg
2014 StudioYouKit_6.jpg
2014 StudioYouKit_3.jpg
2014 StudioYouKit_7.jpg
2014 StudioYouKit_Tom.jpg
BD 18x15", FT 14x13", TT 10x17", SD 13x6"
V Neck Kit w/ Wood Hoop:
2014 VNeckKit1.jpg
2014 VNeckKit10.jpg
2014 VNeckKit4.jpg
2014 VNeckKit3.jpg
2014 VNeckKit5.jpg
2014 VNeckKit7.jpg
2014 VNeckKit8.jpg
2014 VNeckKit9.jpg
2014 VNeckKit2.jpg
2014 VNeckKit6.jpg

Delicately crafted with hand-cut Oak and Walnut Veneer strips. This does not sparkle but definitely shines in your eyes. 

BD 20x15", FT 16x15", TT 12x8.5", TT 10x7.5",SD 14x5"
Ema's Spiral Kit :
2014 EmaSpiralKit1.jpg
2014 EmaSpiralKit3.jpg
2014 EmaSpiralKit4.jpg
2014 EmaSpiralKit5.jpg
2014 EmaSpiralKit6.jpg
2014 EmaSpiralKit7.jpg
2014 EmaSpiralKit5.jpg

 2012 Big G Kit

BD 24x17", FT 16x15", TT 14x13", TT 12x8.5", SD 13x7"
Ohkubo Jelly Beans Spiral Kit :
2012 OhkuboJellyBeansSpiral8.JPG
2012 OhkuboJellyBeansSpiral1.jpg
2012 OhkuboJellyBeansSpiral2.jpg
2012 OhkuboJellyBeansSpiral5.JPG
2012 OhkuboJellyBeansSpiral4.jpg
2012 OhkuboJellyBeansSpiral6.jpg
2012 OhkuboJellyBeansSpiral3.jpg
2012 OhkuboJellyBeansSpiral7.jpg
BD 22x11", FT 14x10", TT 13x7", TT 12x6.5", SD 13x5"
Rising Sun Kit :

 2011 Big G Kit

2011RisingSun Kit_Square.jpg
BD 24x17", FT 18x15", FT 14x13",  TT 12x7.5", TT 10x6.5", SD 10x7", SD 14x6.5"
Marcus Spiral Kit :
2011 Marcus Kit Header2.jpg
2011 MarcusKitSnareBD.jpg
2011 MarcusKitBD.JPG
2011 MarcusKitToms.JPG
2011 MarcusKit.JPG
2011 MarcusKitToms2.JPG
2011 MarcusKitToms3.JPG

Big but thin BD creates fantastic kick sound!  This sleek and sharp looks perfectly matches the drummer, Cheech of Élan.

Pretty in Blue!  It looks pretty and sounds pretty awesome! Very popular kit at Studio You in Osaka, Japan.

Uniquely patterned by Veneer and Glass Wrap. Sophisticated, chic and playful design for someone who likes dandy looks.

This is perfect if you can't decide which color to go with!  Fun and bold spiral patterns are carefully designed not to lose coolness. Designed with Drummer, Shigeki Ohkubo.

" The Rising Kit” symbolizes essence of Gaai Drums’ craftsmanship by two colors of Japanese national flag. The white marine pearl color represents honesty and purity, and the red sparkle disc is a symbol that represents the Sun - meaning brightness, sincerity, and warmth. 

The Swedish metal drummer, Marcus, and Gaai collaborated on the design of Marcus Spiral kit. The balance of silver gradation is key to the success of this design. Super cool yet elegant looks.  

 2016 Big G Kit

Ultimate Splendid Artisan (USA) Kit:

Gaai's first American color (Red/White/Blue) kit with glass glitter wrap. Each drum has a unique design but it beautifuly united as a whole set.

Stars & Stripes Kit (Maple/Walnut/Mahogany):

This is Gaai's most extensive craftsmanship! Each star and stripe are hand cut and inlaid.  50 starts on each wood hoop!

BD 22x11", BD 20x11", FT 14x10.5", TT 12x7"
BD 18x15", FT 14x13", TT 10x7", SD 13x6"
2015 YNeckWHKit_9
2015 YNeckWHKit_8
2015 YNeckWHKit_6
2015 YNeckWHKit_4
2015 YNeckWHKit_3
2015 YNeck_1 copy
2015 YNeckWHKit_5
2014 VNeckKit10
Stars'N' Stripes Kit-1
Stars'N' Stripes Kit-2
Stars'N' Stripes Kit-3
Stars'N' Stripes Kit-4
Stars'N' Stripes Kit-5
Stars'N' Stripes Kit-6
Stars'N' Stripes Kit-7
Stars'N' Stripes Kit-8
Stars'N' Stripes Kit-9
Stars'N' Stripes Kit-10
Stars'N' Stripes Kit-11
Stars'N' Stripes Kit-12
Stars'N' Stripes Kit-13
Stars'N' Stripes Kit-14
Stars'N' Stripes Kit-15
Stars'N' Stripes Kit-16
DSC05178 copy
USA Kit-2
USA Kit-3
USA Kit-4
USA Kit-5
USA Kit-6
Stable Star Kit (Black Glass w/ Silver Glass Star):
BD 18x15", FT 14x13", TT 10x 7"

Very simple yet stands out on the stage.  If you are minimalist who likes small kit with big sound and modern statement, this is the one for you! 

Stable Star Kit-1
Stable Star Kit-2
Stable Star Kit-3
Stable Star Kit-4
Stable Star Kit-5
Stable Star Kit-6
Stable Star Kit-7
Stable Star Kit-8

 2013 Big G Kit

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