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Born and raised in Japan, master craftsman Gaai Nakamura developed his passion for drums at the early age of thirteen. His experience as a professional drummer, drum instructor, and lead drum craftsman, along with his curiosity for what makes a drum sound extraordinary, inspired him to found Gaai Drums in the suburb of Los Angeles. Gaai’s pursuit to produce the ultimate balanced drum sound suited for any music genre continues to enlarge his circle of fans around the world with its clear, warm, and fully resonant sound.


Gaai's Drums make you want to play more, be heard, and to show! 


Gaai's Drums display enormous creativity, exceptional craftsmanship, sincere attitude and deep affection towards the drums. 


Nobody can craft drums like Gaai does.  

Drum Craftsman/ Designer- Gaai Nakamura

Ultimately balanced sound for all music genre     

that make you want to play more and be heard!!


Exceptoinal craftsmanship for truly unique

design and texture. 

Gaai Drums = Artisan-handcrafted drums  for Sound & Design



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